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Manny Pacquiao Is Thinking About Buying an NBA Team When He Retires

Filipino boxer and senator Manny Pacquiao has a few ideas in mind for when he retires, and buying an NBA team is one of them. At age 40, Pacquiao has managed to stay in great shape, but in an interview with TMZ, he’s indicated that he’s got about five years left until he calls it quits.

“I feel like you, like late ’20s,” he said when asked about when he might retire from boxing. He avoided giving an exact idea, but he said he could still see himself boxing as a 45-year-old. “I work hard, I’m still enjoying my training time. I’m happy doing it.”

Basketball came up when the reporter asked if Pacquiao thought about becoming a part owner of an NBA team.

“I’m thinking about that,” he replied with a smile.

A huge fan of basketball, Pacquiao is the founder of the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League in the Philippines, and he thinks his success with that league could result in a future involvement with the NBA.

Pacquiao is set to square off against Kieth Thurman on Saturday, but he’s still interested in jumping in the ring with Floyd Mayweather again.

“I’m active and it’s up to him if he wants to come back,” he told Complex. “He said he’s retired. I’m active so I think I will always fight anybody.”

NBA news: Manny Pacquiao might become a league owner when done with boxing

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