The Undertaker


The Undertaker, everybody recognizes this name as the living legend in the world of pro wrestling. People still cherish his legacy, and there’ll be a few people who don’t know about him. The Phenom has been immensely successful in his WWE career, but he had to suffer and work hard for it as well.

The Deadman won multiple championships but he also had his fair share of injuries and surgeries as well. Every wrestler is prone to suffer from injuries when they step inside the squared circle. The Undertaker suffered a severe back injury in 1994, and it ruled him out of WrestleMania.

In one match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, he suffered an injury to his ear after Austin accidentally ripped his ear. The WWE legend was seen wearing a mask in 1995. The reason behind it was the facial injury he suffered when Mabel mishandled a clothesline. The Phenom even suffered a broken orbital bone around his eye after his clumsy dive during his match against Rey Mysterio.

The Phenom was seen in an episode of Kevin Hart’s show “Cold as Balls.” Kevin Hart asked The Undertaker about how he realized it was the time for him to put a stop to his WWE career. In reply, The Undertaker said, “In my mind, I wanted to do it. In my heart, I still wanted to do it, but I realized my body couldn’t do what it used to do.”

Kevin also asked The Undertaker on how bad his injuries were, to that he replied, “It’s real enough to cause 17 surgeries. You know, what people don’t realize is that in the course of a match, you are only a couple of inches away in any given time from suffering really catastrophic. That two inches is a really great night or a really, really bad night.”

The Last Ride' is WWE's Undertaker at his most vulnerable

During his match with Shawn Michaels, he suffered a hip injury. Also, during his 2010 Elimination Chamber entrance, The Undertaker suffered a burn. It so happened that a ball of flames shot up and clung to his legs. The Phenom even suffered a severe shoulder injury back in 2010. His undefeated streak was over after his defeat to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

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