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Mike Tyson’s 30-year body transformation shows he’s just as stacked now

Mike Tyson has aged like a fine wine while preparing for his fighting return.

The 55-year-old has been training for an exhibition match, which is rumoured to be against his old adversary Lennox Lewis.

The former heavyweight champions could fight again soon, according to some reports, and the bout would have a nostalgic theme for long-watching boxing fans.

The two have fought only once and that happened way back in 2002.

Lewis knocked Tyson out in the eighth round, with the WBC, IBF, IBO, The Ring and lineal heavyweight titles on the line.

‘Iron Mike’ only fought three more times after his defeat, eventually retiring in 2005.

But that was not the end of his fighting spirit, as he announced he wants the rematch on the Michael Franzese YouTube show.


Tyson also talked about his ambition to take on two-time unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, as per boxingnewsandviews.

“I started training, I want to get this exhibition over with Lennox Lewis.

“Then probably my next one would be Joshua and Tyson.”

Lewis, meanwhile, said on the Joe Rogan podcast that he’ll need an incentive to fight again.

“I’ll take my pyjamas off for 100 million.

“If you’re serious, come with it baby, show me the paper.”

The ‘Kid Dynamite,” or more like the “Detonated Senior,” has already fought once in his post-retirement.

He took on Roy Jones Jr. back in November 2020, where three judges scored it a split draw.

Now, how has a retired, middle-aged boxer returned to fitness after retiring 16 years ago?

The Sun have researched his diet and training regimes.

Tyson consumes anywhere from 3,000-4,000 calories, with three meals and two snack periods a day.


For training, the American wakes up at 4am for a three-to-five mile jog.

By midday, he would be in the gym for his first boxing session, which normally is 10 straight rounds of sparring.

Following up, he would focus on muscle by using his own weights for squats, tricep extensions, push-ups, but he uses an extra 30 kilos for shrugs and neck crunches.

Later in the day, he does more sparring, work on pads, skipping, more calisthenics and finishes off with light recovery on an exercise bike.

His determination to get his body to its peak shows unbelievable willpower, it’s easy to see why Tyson is regarded as one of the best boxers in history.

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