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Manny Pacquiao wants to keep boxing until he’s 45 before buying an NBA team

BOXING’S Benjamin Button Manny Pacquiao says he still feels like a 20-year-old after vowing to carry on fighting to the age of 45.

And, once he does retire from the ring, the basketball mad Philippine fighter revealed plans to invest in an NBA team.\

Pacquiao, takes on undefeated welterweight champion Keith Thurman in Las Vegas tonight in what is his 71st bout.

Asked whether he will still be fighting in five years, Pacquiao told TMZ: “My feeling right now, I can say yes.

“This body condition, mind, focus, I work hard and am enjoying my training camp, happy doing it and it’s still there.

“If you ask me about my body condition, I feel good. I feel young, like late 20s. This is a blessing, God’s blessings.


“I think you just need to stay fit and then workout. I love workouts. If I don’t workout in a day or two days, I don’t like the feeling. I play basketball everyday for four to five hours.”

Pacquiao launched his own league in the Philippines called Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League.

But he may invest his millions into an NBA franchise when he retires from the sport.

He added: “I’m thinking about that. Actually, I own a league in the Philippines. It’s so popular.

I own that league and I love basketball.”

 Pacquiao faces undefeated American welterweight champion Keith Thurman in Las Vegas tonight

Thurman, the 30-year-old American, has vowed to punish Pacquiao in Vegas.

He said: “Manny isn’t going to do anything. With the little ‘T-Rex’ arms. He’s about to get beat up.

“I do need the victory to further my own personal legacy come Saturday night.”

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