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George Foreman On His Dear Friend Muhammad Ali

They say you can count your real friends on one or two hands if you are lucky.

It is probably true. Some merit may exist in that sentiment but then again it can be looked at various ways.

Friendship is a thing of a honor. A thing of respect no.

So if betrayal of it occurs trust very hard to ever get back and can only pray to God for those then to be safe and healed then. Although never get in the way of God after that. He will deal with them if severe consequences are needed or whatever your beliefs on the universe are.

Each to their own. God is a loving God of course first and foremost but he disciplines his children that step out of line.

Another similar popular saying in that line of thinking is sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Let God deal with anything wrong in the world and all us mere mortals can do really is wish people nothing but the best but never, ever, forget God revealed all enemies of God over time.

For people perhaps the lesson and moral of the story is this.

Be good to the ones who helped or stuck with you but never forget the ones who tried to bring you down. So many times either. Forgive but don’t forget. Feel sorry for them and what happened them after, but that’s it. Not overly sympathetic. There’s a difference.

Underestimating Muhammad Ali was the mistake of a lifetime, George Foreman  says - Los Angeles Times

And as for the arrogant, irrelevant devil, he doesn’t have a humble or kind bone in his body. He never did. He is often well-advised that pride comes before the fall like the beginning for him and his little buddies but he never looks in the mirror, learns and will never change. He will always be a liar and arrogant. God is much stronger than him and batters him beyond recognition in the end. Satan squeals like a pig every time so they say in the Bible. Never question God. What Satan can do isn’t even 0.000000001% of what God can do. When you let that sink in, that’s when you realize what genuinely fearing God is all about. Satan hates the word of God because it forces him to look in the mirror. It reflects on him. It cuts him between every bone, joint and ligament.

Sharper than any two edge sword. It exposes him and reminds him of his future, which is, he’s never getting past the gates and let into the Kingdom of Almighty God. Ever again. Sure, he’ll try to tempt, twist the gospel, word of God and bible around, give some ninety per cent of it then sprinkle in his own evil at the end. But all the wacko malarky he and his minions do. There’s a million more things we could talk about him but he’s not important. You are. You have more power than you good. Good always defeats evil. Whether it be witchcraft or whatever. None of it works if you genuinely believe, try to be a better person and keep it moving.

Each to their own.

God is good and only removes Satan and his minions with much, much worse than they can do, or that they can even imagine, for the purpose of only good at the end. Let God do the fighting and all we can do ahead of Christmas is follow his son Jesus Christ as best you can. That’s all us mere mortals can surely do no.

With Christmas around the corner, the main thing to pursue is peace, love thy neighbor as thyself and try to be kind to all people but always, always with the armor of God on to discern the devil and his unseen minions, when that guy or his little minions, show up, that is.

Equilibrium of equity surely exists in the unseen, spiritual, supernatural world.

People don’t understand that you don’t beat evil with more evil. Lawful, firm but fair and law-abiding good defeats evil. After that, in a good way, just don’t give a fook.

In boxing terms, the following here from boxing legend George Foreman a great post ahead of Christmas surely regarding friendship and all that is genuinely good about boxing:

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