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Jake Paul names Mike Tyson in his top-five boxing bucket list; hilariously adds Dana White to the mix

As Jake Paul’s quest in the squared circle continues, he recently listed a number of entities on his boxing bucket list. Paul recently took to Twitter to offer fans some insight regarding a list of fights that interest him as a boxer.

Much in line with his boisterous personality, Jake Paul listed some of the biggest names in the realm of boxing and combat sports. However, the name that stuck out on the list was none other than that of UFC President Dana White.

Paul recently took aim at White after he overcame the challenge presented by Tyron Woodley. This comes merely days after ‘The Problem Child’ promised Dana White that he would embarrass him and a number of fighters from the UFC, including Kamaru Usman, Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal.

My boxing bucket list: 1) Canelo Alvarez 2) Floyd Mayweather 3) Mike Tyson 4) Tyson Furry 5) Dana White,” wrote Jake Paul on Twitter.

Can Jake Paul bag these fights in the near future?

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Of all these fights, a clash against Floyd Mayweather could perhaps be one of the easiest draws that Jake Paul could set up in the near future. While the fight itself will undoubtedly be his toughest test till date, Floyd Mayweather’s history with his brother Logan Paul could help Jake bag a fight against ‘Money.’

What’s more, the history between the two offers the fans a narrative that both Paul and Mayweather could build a lot of hype around with the way they sell it.

The two share a checkered past after the entire ‘Gotcha Hat’ fiasco with Floyd Mayweather, where Jake Paul stole Mayweather’s hat at the Logan vs. Mayweather press conference.

A fight against Mike Tyson is also one of the more achievable goals that Jake Paul has on his bucket list. Considering his interest in participating in exhibition fights, Paul and Tyson could very well set up a time and date to lock horns inside the squared circle.

Going toe-to-toe against Canelo Alvarez is perhaps one of Paul’s loftiest goals. Keeping Canelo Alvarez’s status in the boxing community in mind, Paul’s dream of fighting Canelo is most definitely a distant dream at best.

Jake Paul has frequently called upon Canelo Alvarez with a series of tweets on social media; however, we may not see them share the ring anytime soon.

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