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The Undertaker Explains Why The John Cena Feud Never Happened Earlier In His Career

The Undertaker vs John Cena is a feud that WWE fans were so hungry to witness. The two powerhouses sadly never faced each other in a big feud.

While in their prime, arguably from 2003-2010, all signs were clear to have Taker face Cena in a major storyline. Surprisingly enough, they never met each other.

Cena was the face of the company and Taker was still working full-time. No one can explain why the two never sparked any heat between them into a rivalry.

The Undertaker and John Cena were preoccupied with other storylines

The rivalry was never on the cards because both Superstars had their calendars marked to the brink. They somehow managed to keep their storylines completely clear off each other. This is what fans can’t seem to get around.

The Undertaker then describes how everything was different when John Cena finally approached to work with him.

“And then it just came down to at the end there, John wanted to work with me and do something and it was fresh. And like I said, at this point in the career, it’s hard to come up with fresh matches,” admits Taker. “It’s just difficult because you have to cycle through everybody so many different times, but now there was never really reason why, it was just the way things were booked.”

The match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 34 was highly anticipated by fans. The Undertaker’s sudden return to accept Cena’s challenge was met with the roars of a dream come true.

However, the match was unacceptably short and didn’t deliver on expectations at all. It seemed like something done for the sake of it.

The Undertaker admits how it couldn’t have been done to the level of expectations because of his own age and physical limitations, which led him to consider his in-ring career.

The fans will unfortunately have to dwell on what could have been once more. The Undertaker vs John Cena in their prime is something we can only ponder upon now, although it’s still exciting to think about.

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