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Manny Pacquiao reveals one of his dark secrets when he made his boxing debut

Manny Pacquiao confessed that he made his boxing debut illegally.

Illegally, that’s how Manny Pacquiao’s career began in the ring. The eight-time world champion confessed that he had to lie to process his false license, in order to fight professionally.

In his autobiography Pacman: My Story of Hope, Resilience, and Never Say Never Determination, the Philippine presidential candidate recounted that his boxing journey began at the age of 15, when a promoter contacted him to travel to Manila and debut.

“One day a promoter from Manila contacted me. He told me that he wanted me to move to that city, where I could have better training and fight the best fighters. He told me that I was good enough to fight all over the Philippines and maybe other countries, ”he declared.

But Manny was poor, he had no money to pay for the boat ticket ($ 50), much less the plane ($ 80). In this sense, Abner Cordero and Eugene Barutag, who would also travel, lent him money to travel by boat, but another problem he would face would be his age.

Manny Pacquiao reveals one of his dark secrets when he made his boxing debut  – CVBJ

“I knew what I needed to do, but my heart ached. I was going to leave my city, my family, including my loving mother and my friends to have a better, better life. I swore to myself that one day I would return to them, and give them the world with me, “he said.

Manny got the opportunity to make his professional debut when he was 16 years old. However, in the Philippines the statutory minimum age to fight was 18 years. Through a friend, he obtained a false license that he only had to present to the organizers and would be registered in the contest.

“I was poor and couldn’t help my family. Sometimes we didn’t have enough to eat and it made me sad to see my mother like this, but everything would change for us. After the fight I was happy. Now, I can eat three times a day ”, he said about that debut in January 1995, when he defeated Edmund Enting Ignacio by decision of the judges.

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