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Did Mike Tyson break Razor Ruddock’s jaw?

Mike Tyson fought Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock twice in 1991. In the second contest, Tyson broke Ruddock’s jaw.

The pair’s first fight took place in March 1991. In the third round, Ruddock was dropped by Tyson twice. Even though ‘Razor’ survived the round, the contest was stopped by the referee in round seven in favor of ‘Iron Mike’.

The second fight between Mike Tyson and Donovan Ruddock proved to be one of Tyson’s greatest outings. The fight took place in June 1991 and both fighters were injured in a battle that went the full 12 rounds.

In the match, ‘Iron Mike’ proved yet again why he was one of the most devastating punchers in the sport of boxing. Tyson broke the jaw of ‘Razor’ in the fourth round. However, Ruddock showed great grit and determination and went the distance despite his injury.

In the process of punishing his opponent, Tyson also ended up injured. He suffered a perforated (torn) eardrum but walked away with a unanimous decision victory.

Does Mike Tyson still posses a killᥱr punch?

Did Mike Tyson break Razor Ruddock's jaw?

Upon entering the world of boxing, Mike Tyson was able to establish a sense of fear like no other. Out of his 50 wins, 44 came by either TKO or KO. That just goes to show the the power that ‘Iron Mike’ had back in the day.

At the age of 55, no one can disregard the power that Mike Tyson still possesses. Tyson is eager to step into the ring again and it looks like he has been training hard for his return.

It is safe to say that Mike Tyson still needs to feared because of his speed and power.

Regardless of being 55, Tyson is still well and truly capable of knocking someone out cold. It remains to be seen who ‘Iron Mike’ will fight if he returns, with the former heavyweight champion targeting a bout in the first quarter of 2022.

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