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Jinkee Pacquiao defends self from allegations she married Manny for money

Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of boxing-champ Senator Manny Pacquiao, has opened up about gossips which really affected her.

In a recent interview with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, Jinkee recalled how she would hear rumors that she married her husband for money.

Jinkee told Vicki how she would ask for financial assistance from their godparents so that Manny would have cash when he trains for boxing.

“Alam ‘yan ng mga ninang namin kasi ginigising ko sila ng maaga. ‘Ninang, help me, help us’,” she shared. (Our wedding godparents knew our humble beginnings. We would wake them up early in the morning. ‘Ninang, help me, help us’),’”

“I never thought: ‘Can he provide for me?” Jinkee told Vicki in Pilipino.

Jinkee Pacquiao says marriage with Manny Pacquiao stronger after 21 years |

Jinkee said she never imagined that she would have the kind of life she has right now.

“Kumbaga, God holds the future. Hindi mo naman alam kung ano ang future mo dito. Basta nagmahal ka lang, magkasama kayo, may mga ups and downs. Pero hindi mo alam kung ano ang mangyayari in the future,” she said. (I mean, God holds the future. You don’t know what’s in store for you in the future. I just chose to love, be with him despite the ups and downs.)

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