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Mike Tyson ‘is a very exposed human being and a lot of people don’t protect him’, says UFC legend Vitor Belfort

UFC legend Vitor Belfort has described Mike Tyson as a ‘very exposed human being’ and is angry that ‘a lot of people don’t protect him’.

The two sport stars have trained with each other before, with Belfort showing the boxing Hall of Famer the ropes in MMA.

And Belfort, speaking exclusively to SunSport, has revealed the pair spoke about their respective ‘hardships’ during down time.

Tyson has had his well documented problems with alcohol and drugs, and spent three years in prison after being found guilty of rape.

He still fiercely denies this, and has since turned his life around, culminating in a sensational return to the boxing ring in November 2020.

Talking about their chats, Belfort, 44, said: “We have had conversations. It was about personal stuff, the hardships, a guy who went through hardships.

He’s a very unique person, but the personal things we talked about I keep to myself because Mike Tyson is a very exposed human being and a lot of people don’t protect him.

Mike Tyson has built his own cannabis empire

“But I can tell you that with Mike Tyson’s life style that he had, just to be alive and here, we should use that as an example of ‘if you believe it, you can do it’.”

Belfort was in boxing action himself recently – in a heavily-criticised exhibition bout against Evander Holyfield.

He floored the 58-year-old former heavyweight king twice before, thankfully, the fight was waved off in the first round.

But despite his own sporting crossover, Belfort does NOT want to see Tyson try out in MMA at the age of 55.

He added: “He would have to learn the ground game, do the wrestling and it’s a totally different sport, totally different ball game. It’s very hard.

“Don’t take me wrong, but I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

Tyson has previously sensationally teased he could have an MMA fight, with training footage showing him sparring in the octagon.

But seemingly, Belfort wants it to remain as sparring in the gym and nothing more.

Tyson has plenty to focus on outside of training and the boxing ring anyway, with him pushing on with his cannabis business.

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