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“I love working with this guy” – The Undertaker gets credit for a major WWE Superstar’s rise

Bruce Prichard opened up about The Undertaker’s influence on Mick Foley’s early rise in WWE during the most recent episode of his podcast.

Foley was quickly booked into a storyline with The Undertaker when he first signed with WWE in 1996. ‘Taker was already an established name at the time, and his willingness to work with a promising new star was incredibly beneficial to Foley jumpstarting his WWE career.

Bruce Prichard credited the Undertaker as he felt that Mankind made a lasting impression on the fans after attacking a known face like the Phenom.

Mick Foley also proved to be an able worker as his matches with Undertaker got over tremendously with the viewers.

“Sure, it was, and it was also a testament a guy like The Undertaker, who was able to go out immediately and say, ‘I love working with this guy.’ And this guy being Mankind. So, from there, it was like, okay, immediately Mankind was made when he came out and attacked The Undertaker and was able to hang with Undertaker and do what he did,” revealed Bruce Prichard.

Bruce Prichard on Mick Foley’s In Your House match against Shawn Michaels in WWE

I love working with this guy" - The Undertaker gets credit for a major WWE  Superstar's rise - Flipboard

Prichard continued to talk about the highlight-reel moments from 1996 and revealed the importance of Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley’s match at In Your House 10: Mind Games.

Prichard felt that Michaels showcased a different side to himself during his brutal clash against Foley, calling it a turning point in both of their careers.

Foley also impressed WWE officials with his character work and in-ring athleticism. Prichard stated that the match added more layers to the gimmicks of HBK and Mankind.

“That match to me was another turning point in both Mick and Shawn’s careers. It solidified Shawn as, ‘oh my god, Shawn can go in with anybody and have a good match, that is, if we didn’t already know that. And Mick Foley was the guy you looked at and went, ‘Holy sh.., he is great.’ He can go. Tremendous character and unbelievable athleticism. Sometimes you look at him; how can he do what he does? And Mick did it. So, it was great for both characters at the same time,” Prichard added.

Would Mick Foley’s career have been different had he not started his WWE chapter against The Undertaker? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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