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Mike Tyson involved in fight when bully ripped head off his pet pigeon

It is well known that Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time with his sheer power and speed seeing him to 44 knockout victories throughout his illustrious career.

It is also no secret that Tyson has a love for pigeons and has done since he was a young boy aged just nine.

In fact, he loved his pigeons so much that he would get into fights if anyone did anything bad to them.

The former world heavyweight champion once revealed that he got into a fight when he was young with a bully who decided to mistreat one of his pigeons.

Iron Mike said that the bully picked up the pigeon and killed it with his own hands.

He said, when appearing on a radio show in the US: “The guy ripped the head off my pigeon. This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon.

“That was the first time I threw a punch. I have loved pigeons since I was nine. They were my escape.


“I was fat and ugly. Kids teased me all the time. The only joy I had was pigeons.”

Let’s just say that I don’t think that bully would want to mess with Tyson again.

This not the only time the boxing legend threw a punch over his beloved pigeons, though.

He once hit a bin man for throwing a crate, which had his favourite pigeon’s dead body in it, into the crusher.

“One morning I woke up and found my favourite pigeon, Julius, had died. I was devastated and was gonna use his crate as my stickball bat to honour him.

“I left the crate on my stoop and went in to get something and I returned to see the sanitation man put the crate into the crusher.

“I rushed him and caught him flush on the temple with a titanic right hand! He was out cold, convulsing on the floor.”

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