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Manny Pacquiao uses his boxing money to build 1,000 homes for the poor

World boxing champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao needs no introduction. He’s been the pride and glory of Filipinos for nearly 2 decades now. With determination, faith, and two boxing gloves, he put the Philippines on the map countless times.

He’s punched it out with Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Timothy Bradley and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The speed and power in his punches is utterly terrifying, even more so if you’re in the ring with him.

But with all those fights he’s won, he’s racked up quite a ton of prize money, hasn’t he?

It’s not a secret anymore that Pacquiao has boxed his way into millions and millions of dollars in cash. He’s bought himself some nice rides and nice homes, but there’s no way he can spend all of that himself. Plus, there’s much better places to put that money.

So Pacquiao used his money to make a whole bunch of lives better. What good is being the pride of the country if you can’t give something back, right?

He went back to his home country, the Philippines, and did what he wished someone had done for him when he was younger. He gave people homes.

Manny Pacquiao has never hesitated to share what his early life was like. Born in Bukidnon, only to grow up in Manila without a home. Pacquiao is no stranger to talking about this. He grew up without a home for much of his youth, and had to go occasionally go without food to provide for his mother.

He got his first pair of shoes at the age of 12. Pretty crazy to think about, since now he can probably afford enough pairs to last a lifetime.

Pacquiao’s boxing career began when he was a teenager. He’d win a few small fights here and there, and got paid. Starting out small, as they say. From there, he only got better at it. He got started on his professional career in the early 2000s, when Freddie Roach began coaching him.

He’s made it pretty far now, as we can all see.

After losing to Mayweather but still walking away with 1.5 million dollars, Pacquiao could still win some other way. He put that money into building as many homes as he could for the poorest residents in Sarangani.

Sarangani is a big province, and even someone with Manny’s money can’t possible build houses for every single person there. Still, he made as many as he could. About 1,000 houses to be exact. Seeing how a home can accommodate at least 3-4 people in it, that’s a lot more helpful than the number itself implies.

And the number itself is pretty big already.

With poorly developed infrastructure and economic management, the people of the Philippines are all too familiar with this sort of thing. Years and years of poor decisions and mishandled taxpayer money have dug a deep hole for the working class Filipinos to climb out of.

Hopefully, Pacquiao’s massive home construction plan starts a bit of a wakeup call. Not enough people have income, a home, or food.

Plus, not all of us can just start a boxing career to solve our problems.

At least the 1,000 or so families that those homes went to are happy now, all thanks to the Philippine’s favorite athlete who never forgot where he came from.

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