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The Undertaker reveals amusing question The Ultimate Warrior asked him during a match

The Undertaker recently sat down with Corey Graves in this week’s episode of After The Bell podcast and the duo discussed several aspects of The Phenom’s legendary career as a pro-wrestler.

Fans are well aware that The Undertaker’s character is of a guy who possesses supernatural powers. To make the trait as believable as possible, The Undertaker used to undersell or downright not sell the moves of certain Superstars on many occasions.

A certain WWE legend once got frustrated when The Undertaker simply didn’t sell his offense, and finally asked an amusing question to The Deadman.

My character was a monster. I didn’t sell that much really. I remember one night, Ultimate Warrior, he had been beating on me and pounding on me. You know, I’m going down, I’m coming back up. Finally, he goes, “Are you gonna sell anything tonight?” I was like, “Okay Jim, here we go. Alright, let’s do this, let’s try that.”

The Deadman hangs up boots

The no-selling aspect: An integral part of The Undertaker’s gimmick

The Undertaker used to no-sell a lot back when he was a young gun, still finding his footing in WWE. His character got more depth and personality as years passed, and the biker version of The Phenom proved that he could work other, more fleshed out gimmicks as well if given the opportunity.

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