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Jake Paul targeting bouts against Mike Tyson and Canelo Alvarez

YouTuber has convinced himself he's a professional boxer

With Jake Paul’s only ever planned fight against a trained boxer having fallen through due to Tommy Fury’s injury, the notorious YouTuber turned exhibition boxer is now targeting bouts with Canelo Alvarez and Mike Tyson.

In what would be perhaps the most embarrassing mismatch in boxing history, Canelo Alvarez would make short work of Paul, and would likely not even entertain the notion of such a bout.

The Mexican is widely considered as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now and wouldn’t waste his time on such a farcical event, although it’s difficult to imagine Paul wanting that fight either, given the fact it would totally end his credibility in the ring.

“My first big goal is to fight three times a tear, but that may or may not happen,” Paul told the Boxing with Chris Mannix podcast.

“On Twitter I posted my wish list, Mike Tyson would be the most incredible thing in the world.

“Canelo is there and I know he can come if I’m in my best condition, it’s a great idea, the best idea in boxing right now. I want to face a real boxer and I’m going to do it, but people have to be patient.”

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