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VIDEO: When Manny Pacquiao Danced ‘Gangnam Style’ to Thrill His Fans

Win or lose, Manny Pacquiao never failed to replicate his sheer sportsmanship on either occasion as the 42-year-old legend has been into 72 professional fights, winning 62 of them. Despite all the stardom, achievements, and fame, Pacquiao never really expressed himself as a brashy superstar. Instead, he always offered his bright side, even to his opponents. While most of the face-offs in boxing are intense and filled with bad blood, Pacquiao’s pressers have been entertaining and comical.

That said, 2012 was a landmark year in Pacquiao’s life that didn’t really go well for him. He suffered the scratchy KO from Juan Manuel Marquez. But ‘Pac-Man’ generated several entertaining moments that year, which the fight fans relish even today. One such moment was Manny Pacquiao dancing to the famous ‘Gangnam style’ of singer PSY.

The particular song became an overnight sensation since its release and several athletes sampled the famous footsteps. Cricketers like Chris Gayle and Adam Gilchrist did the same. Meanwhile, ‘Pac-Man’ danced before a large crowd to the tunes several years back. Pacquiao performed commendably and earned a lot of appraisals. Per reports, he also performed it during his training for the fourth and final fight against Marquez.

Well, not just dancing, but Pacquiao is also a talented singer, and he displayed his singing abilities publicly to send several fans into a frenzy. All these features have made ‘Pac-Man’ fan-favorite of all the time. Many of his opponents have lauded his inevitable charm even. Besides, Pacquiao’s urge to take the best fights, even in his last appearance, is a prime reason fans hail the right-division world champion so much.

Manny Pacquiao is still at the top of the system

After a failed attempt at Yordenis Ugas’ WBA belt on August 2021, Pacquiao announced his retirement. He is currently in talks to face former nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, in a charitable basketball game this year.

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