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The Story Behind Every Mike Tyson Nickname

Mike Tyson, the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing’s history, didn’t restrict his success to the boundaries of the squared circle. He went on a tear in the division, knocking out almost every opponent on his way. Meanwhile, Tyson also made prominent appearances in pro-wrestling, which expanded his aura into the combat world.

It came along with sheer financial gains and global stardom. Although Tyson became infamous for a few scratchy controversies and wrongdoings, he never saw a deficit in his worldwide fame. Even today, Tyson’s aura goes around into the sporting community as well as the cinematic community.

From appearing like a larger-than-life character to being vulnerable several times inside the ring, Tyson has shown extremities in his career graph. These variant features have earned him several nicknames. 55-year-old Tyson still boasts these tags proudly. Here’s a look at all the nicknames he has.

‘Kid Dynamite’ Mike Tyson

Tyson became a professional boxer at the early age of 19, and by the time he was 20, he was already the world heavyweight champion. Debuting in 1985, Tyson fought 15 times in a single year, winning all 15 of the fights. It sent a shock wave in the division as the 19-year-old kid alarmed many veterans of the time.

It earned him the tag of Kid Dynamite, especially after Sports Illustrated used the tag line in one of the covers. A smiling picture of the Young Mike Tyson sat well with the name and Mike Tyson used it as his moniker in the earliest fighting years. Tyson later earned several more tags, but the ‘Kid Dynamite’ remains one of the most popular ones.

‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’

Per reports, Sky Sports once referred to Mike Tyson as the most ferocious fighter to step inside a professional ring, and that’s what gave birth to the above-mentioned nickname. Tyson seemed merciless inside the ring and had no love for his opponents. He further complimented his fighting style with a brashy loud mouth. No wonder he seemed like a villain to many of his rivals.

That’s how Mike Tyson became ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’. Several modern-day fighters even use this moniker to promote themselves. However, Tyson remains the actual Baddest Man On The Planet’.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson

Tyson picked up the tag of ‘Iron’, seemingly in the last years of his prime reign in the heavyweight division. His unmatched physical specimen, knockout power durability, and lion heart garnered him the title of ‘Iron’.

Mike Tyson’s one punch was enough to put his rivals on the mat. He is still one of the most feared punchers in all of boxing. Tyson’s professional record stands at 50-6-2. With 44 KOs under his name. No wonder he justifies the name of ‘Iron’, which he continues to carry on his shoulders even to this day.

‘Uncle’ Mike

Aged 55, Tyson is now an expert in the sport. He staged a staggering return against Roy Jones Jr., in an exhibition in November 2020, and thrilled the combat world. That Said. Many modern-day fighters look up to him as a blueprint of success. His years of prime dominance in the heavyweight division are now interesting facts that allure the new era fans.

That said, Henry Cejudo and several more combatants refer to him as ‘Uncle’ Mike, someone who has a lot of experience to share amongst the newbies. When Khabib Nurmagomedov shared his feeling during the feud with Dillon Danis in 2018, Cejudo compared it with Uncle Mike’s controversies from the past.

Having earned so many names and played so many roles, Tyson has seen several sides of life. From a troubled childhood to garnering immense success and then losing it all, only to reattain it, Tyson has been through many transitions. No wonder why people value him as a boxing idol.

How do you see Mike Tyson’s career from an unbiased perspective?

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