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‘There’s a War Going On in My House Right Now’: Mike Tyson Reveals His ‘175-Pound’ Problem

‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ Mike Tyson has been part of several scuffles throughout his life, and most of them have caused him troubles. Tyson was a vicious brawler who channelized the energy in his in-ring affairs, knocking out most of the men he fought.

However, Tyson could seemingly embrace serenity when he came across his pet animals. From sheltering white tigers, pigeons, wildcats, and many other species; ‘Iron’ Mike has always been fond of animals. He spent enormous sums of money on purchasing pigeons back in his prime.

It was quite troublesome whenever any of those animals lost control. Tyson detailed one such incident when he explained how a pet dog troubled him during a chat with Cesar Millan, who’s a canine professional. Although ‘Iron’ didn’t see it as a problem, he still called it a “war”.

Mike Tyson said, “There’s a war going on in my house right now for this debate massive. As we are talking about the dogs, there’s a war going on right now.”

Furthermore, Tyson also claimed that the dog was around 175 lbs, which was quite shocking for the fans as light heavyweight boxers step onto the scales at that weight. But having sheltered wild tigers in the past, Tyson didn’t seem fazed by all the chaos caused by his 175 lbs pet dog.

Mike Tyson vs a Tiger was a crazy contest

Years ago, a video of Mike Tyson getting cozy with a white tiger went viral. ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ hugged the animal and offered a wrestling session to it, in what came as a shock to the entire boxing family. However, Tyson didn’t go into a full-length scrap and left the animal after waving his hand on it.

Meanwhile, Tyson also owns a lot of pigeons even to this day. These factors prove that the heavyweight legend’s life still revolves a lot around his pets.

The 55-year-old doesn’t shy away from showing that and still spins multiple headlines: his pet animals deserve a portion of the credit for that.

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