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10 WWE Pictures Of The Undertaker Like You’ve Never Seen Him

The Undertaker went to great lengths to keep his life private, so let's check out some photos of the WWE legend like you've never seen him before.

The Undertaker is someone who has heavily protected kayfabe throughout his career. Fans getting to see glimpses of the man behind the character have been extremely rare until he retired and started doing a lot more appearances. However, behind the scenes images of him have still not been regular viewing as they are for other talent.

However, the few pictures that do exist give a great glimpse into what he was like as a person behind the scenes. The Undertaker was a locker room leader and someone who demanded respect. But he was also fun to be around and a true friend to many.

10. Brothers In Arms

The one man who has been attached to the career of The Undertaker more than most is Kane. Whether it is as partners or rivals, the two men have had some amazing moments together, telling the best stories. However, they were typically shown as monster characters who were taken seriously.

Therefore, seeing a genuine, tender moment between the two men behind the scenes creates a fantastic image. There is clear respect and love between the two men, and that is highlighted within this picture alone, showcasing what they mean to each other.

9. Entering The Stage

Fans typically only get to see one side of things in wrestling, and everything behind the curtain is kept private. Therefore, when The Undertaker makes his entrance, there is already smoke and mirrors at play, all of which come together to create his character.

However, in this shot, audiences get to see a different perspective for one of the greatest entrances in the history of the business. Here, The Undertaker can be seen in Gorilla Position just as he exits through the curtain, which is a great shot.

8. WrestleMania 9 Rehearsal

The Undertaker’s entrances are always elaborate and full of great detail, and WrestleMania 9 was no different in that regard. This ‘Mania had a unique setup, and it led to a different entrance than anything he has done before, which was great to see.

But this image showcases The Undertaker rehearsing that entrance earlier in the day. While he’s dressed in black, he doesn’t have his full gear on, therefore it gives a distinctly different vibe and highlights what goes into making WrestleMania the event it is.

7. Playing Games

The Undertaker is well-known for being a locker room leader, and one way he brought some wrestlers together was by playing games. He is well-known for enjoying dominos, which is something that the BSK members would play together a lot.

But he is also a big fan of the card game Uno. This is something Xavier Woods has also pushed in his spare time, and this image showcases the Deadman playing while flying to a new show. When people think of his scary character, this game isn’t what comes to mind, but that’s what makes the picture so great.

6. B.S.K. Members Hanging Out

One of The Undertaker’s closest friends during his career was Yokozuna. The two men were well-known for being good buddies, with both of them being members of the B.S.K. group that would hang out together backstage.

Of course, Paul Bearer was also close with the Deadman due to how much they worked together. That is why they’re all hanging out in this picture, which brings together three legends of the business, all posing for a great shot.

5. Leaving The Gear

WrestleMania 33 could have been the perfect send-off for The Undertaker, had his match with Roman Reigns been a little stronger. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, but it still created an emotional moment as he left all of his gear inside the ring, walking away.

Fans got to enjoy that moment, but what many don’t know is the respect that was shown to the Deadman after the show ended. When the crew came in and started ripping down the set, they left his clothes inside the squared circle until last, in what was a touching moment.

4. Creating A Cinematic Match

The Undertaker’s career didn’t end at WrestleMania 33, but it did at WrestleMania 36 following his Boneyard match with AJ Styles. It was a unique encounter and a different way to retire, but the cinematic match wrapped things up perfectly for him.

However, with this being such a different type of match, it needed to be filmed over a long period of time. It took them hours to get everything right, which helped lead to this image being captured of the wrestlers chatting and enjoying their time together while on a break from shooting.

3. Having A Laugh

Mick Foley and The Undertaker have had some great moments together throughout their careers. They have pushed each other to the extremes at points, which has led to some physical encounters. However, they are also two men who are good friends.

This is clear from the picture that was shared of them behind the scenes. Both of them played quite twisted and angry gimmicks in their careers, therefore, seeing the two of them hanging out and just sharing a joke is something most people won’t expect.

2. A Loving Moment

Something else that audiences haven’t really seen from The Undertaker over the years are moments of love and romance. While his relationships have occasionally come into play, that has been rare, which is what makes this image such a great one.

Here, The Undertaker is backstage preparing himself for a show. He shares a unique moment with his wife, which is something that audiences never get the chance to see. The emotions, the calm before the storm, it all comes together in one great picture.

1. Prepping The Hair

Who would have thought that an image of The Undertaker getting his hair ready would exist? But, it does. While he’s not doing anything fancy with it, this still showcases what steps The Undertaker takes before he heads through the curtain.

It’s something fans wouldn’t have known without a picture like this, seeing him with his own water bottle for spray his hair. It creates the look that audiences know and love around the world, and highlights the detail he puts into everything he does.

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