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The DAZN Boxing Show discussed the latest rumours.

Rumours suggest that Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have a verbal agreement on a money-spinning exhibition fight.

Paul last fought Tyron Woodley, winning with a stunning knockout as he maintained his unbeaten record, but speculation persists that the revenues generated from the fight were underwhelming, after the bout had to be changed from Paul vs. his first professional boxer opponent in Tommy Fury to a Woodley rematch very late on.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn had suggested that the 25-year-old American needs to raise the bar on his choice of opponents to gain respect and to continue to hold the attention of the public.

Speaking on the DAZN Boxing Show, Barak Bess, Akin ‘Ak’ Reyes and J’Leon Love – Paul’s trainer – discussed the fight’s potential. Bess said he thinks Tyson will be keen.

“He’s been on record saying he’d like that fight, Jake or Logan, that would be a huge money fight,” he began.

“Sometimes boxers are the last ones to find out. I think in this situation, I think it’s real. If it is real, if there’s anyone out there complaining saying ‘Jake, you’re 24 years old you’re fighting a 55 year old man,’ I’d like to see you fight this 55 year old man.

“This was the baddest man on the planet and he still looks scary in that ring. If Jake fights Tyson I’ve still got to give him credit, win or lose.

“We’ve been asking for Jake Paul to fight a boxer, nobody would want to fight a 55 year old Mike Tyson. I think this is a good match-up. It is going to bring more eyes than Tommy Fury.

“Mike, his name transcended sport”

Reyes agreed, saying: “Even if he agrees to the fight and steps in the ring, he gets kudos, nobody can talk smack about him because Mike will say, ‘Exhibition this, exhibition that,’ [but] he went hard against Roy Jones. He’s going to turn into something else in that ring.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Love was keen to see the fight get made.

“Mike is Mike, I watched him fight Roy. I seen it, Tyson ain’t hitting him to the head, he’s hitting him to the body. He carried him. It’s a good sho,.” he said of Tyson’s fight with Roy Jones Jr. last year.

“But a guy with the experience of Mike Tyson – the great Mike Tyson – one of the most feared men in the world, going up against Jake Paul, the most talked about and exciting guy to grace the ring – take nothing away from Canelo – this is the new name, the new hype, the new person to see.

“I would like to see it. I would like to ask the fans, if this fight did take place, would that be good enough or is [Tyson] that too old?”

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