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WWE 2K22 Trailer Features TimTheTatman and The Undertaker

A new WWE 2K22 trailer reveals a release date, the cover athlete, and the return of one of wrestling's biggest names ever as a pre-order bonus.

A new trailer has been released for WWE 2K22, and with it comes a ton of reveals. From a release date, to a cover reveal, and the return of one of wrestling’s biggest names ever, the WWE 2K22 trailer is a goldmine of information for fans to dig into.

The trailer shows the release date of WWE 2K22 to be March 11. Rumors circled around whom the WWE would make the cover art, with many pointing to younger, new-age wrestlers. However, the trailer reveals WWE and 2K decided to go with an older, much more iconic name in Rey Mysterio. However, the biggest news from the trailer may come in the form of the game’s preorder bonus, which features one of wrestling’s most legendary figures: The Undertaker.

The first clue that the game would feature Undertaker-related content came when the camera swapped to a shot of an Undertaker bobble head in 2K’s sound studio. Famous Twitch streamer TimTheTatman then walked into the studio to tell everyone to keep it down, only for The Undertaker to appear behind him and grab him around the neck. Luckily for Tim, the video immediately swapped back to gameplay showing The Undertaker performing a chokeslam on WWE wrestler Bobby Roode.

WWE 2K22 will feature 4 different versions for fans to purchase, and fans who preorder the normal edition or cross-gen bundle will receive The Undertaker as well as outfits based on some of his classic looks: Phantom Mask, Lord of Darkness, and Boneyard Match. The preorder bonus also includes exclusive content for the MyFACTION game mode themed around The Undertaker. Purchasing WWE 2K22’s deluxe edition or nWo 4-life edition will grant access to the bonuses regardless of preordering.

WWE 2K22 will also bring back Showcase Mode, which is a game mode focused around the cover athlete. The mode features some of the athlete’s most iconic matches and moments, and like other prominent names in WWE 2K22, there are many to choose from for a veteran like Rey Mysterio. One of these matches is already confirmed to be his famous battle against The Undertaker in the 2010 Royal Rumble event, meaning Undertaker fans have yet another bonus to look forward to.

Having been given a 2-year development time frame to make up for WWE 2K20’s failures, fans might have a lot to be excited for in this latest installment of the series.

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