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George Foreman Makes A Good Point About Muhammad Ali

Widely considered the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali was far more than just a boxer.

He was a great person.

You know, he might be gone now, but the lessons he teaches us all every day live on forever.

We recall one time one of his daughters always making the point clear that their father always looked to improve in life.

Always aware of mistakes and looking to improve.

One of his great friends and competitors, former heavyweight champion George Foreman said of Ali on his birthday this year:

Great point really as all boxing fans and even sport fans, or just anyone wanting to look up the Ali story, could do the above.

Not just to athletes but to us all regular average Joe’s and the wider world.

While the world now seems to be emerging from a rather dark period the last few years it is important now people help one another more than ever surely.

You only succeed when you help others succeed.

A lot of mental health, addiction and new problems have been created by the world situation the last couple of years.

Something needed to be mindful of and help one another where we can moving forward.

Life is all about moving on.

As you get older in life, you understand that a man should take responsibility and ownership of mistakes, doesn’t complain and keeps moving forward.

Isn’t that, after all, where the real fun in life is.

The challenge of it at times, that is.

That intersection point perhaps, and culmination space, where work ethic, people and opportunity meet, to improve things for yourself and others, knowing that none of us are perfect and we live in an imperfect world, always rolling with the punches of life and always, always, always trying to improve.

The name of the game.

But always knowing that in the end everything works out and that life, in itself, is good.

In the end, it always comes back to one thing.

Is that glass half full or half empty.

Remember now, that’s up to you. Each to their own.

Granted, heck, hold one’s hands up here, you take almost every drug known to man over the years, that viewpoint is obscured temporarily out of your head, but you know, all that garbage, self harm, self destruction, while taking it out on yourself pointing the pain back at you, to avoid pointing it others, never actually helps you, either, to move on, and is just a vicious recurring cycle of hurting, abusing yourself needlessly.

Even if it is just hurting yourself, it all comes to an end as you get older, as you understand, as a man, that you have responsibilities to yourself and others.

All humans really have to do in the end is be good to themselves and and one another.


Each to their own.

Maybe that’s the best lesson that Muhammad Ali taught us most as pertaining to Mr. Foreman’s observation above.

Quiet month for boxing so far to start off the year in 2022.

With that being said, boxing is primed to bounce back in February.

For sure.

A great time also to look back on Muhammad Ali’s work further to Foreman’s great point above.

Ali, a man that never carried any malice or anger with him and had just a brilliant way about him.

Great manners too.

For some reason he always seemed to be genuinely interested in helping people and putting himself in harms way, risking his life many times and you know, he just, had this selfless, kind way about him it seems from studying his work, that rather, can’t quite be put into words in truth.

Boxing seemed to be just a vehicle or a conduit that he used to help with lessons for us all in life. Boxing fans and the world at large.

He always seemed to be also genuinely interested in improving himself and thus helped many others in doing so.

An extraordinary man and us boxing fans really could watch his fight footage and interviews for weeks on end really.

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