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Pacquiao: Equal enforcement of law is the right way to unite country

MANILA, Philippines — Presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao said on Saturday evening that the equal enforcement of the law among social classes is the right way to unite the country, adding that this is a key factor in determining the country’s future.

He was replying to a question about what he believed was the right formula in uniting a divided country while dealing with his political opponents, if he won the highest executive position in the Philippines.

The retired boxer, who is the top bet of Cebu-based Abag Promdi, was earlier expelled from the Cusi-led PDP Laban (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino – Lakas ng Bayan) after the faction accused him of “disloyalty.”

Speaking on “The Jessica Soho’s Presidential Interviews”, Pacquiao said in Filipino: “The right formula is enforcing what’s right, enforcing the law. Whether one is rich or poor, anyone who breaks the rules will be punished [but] we will also show how caring the government is, especially to the poor by equally enforcing the law.”

For him, enforcing the law across all social classes is an essential factor in determining the country’s future. 

‘Absentee status’

The former congressman was frequently absent in House meetings during the five years ending 2016. 

Pacquiao was then identified as the top absentee among the senators from July 2018 to July 2019, but eventually posted a perfect attendance record from July 2020 to June 2021. 

“I already corrected it. In the days I was a congressman, I was absent because I was busy with constructing my house in Saranggani, which is why I was always there in that district,” he said in Filipino.

Asked about whether he was ready to become president, he answered in the affirmative, owing to his humble beginnings and his “plans in helping the country rise from its suffering.”

“What our country needs is a leader, not a politician. A leader is forward-looking. They don’t just look at the [results of the] elections,” he said.

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