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Bruce Prichard Apologises To The Undertaker For Booking Him In “Worse Than Awful” Matches

WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard has publicly said “I’m sorry” to The Undertaker for the icon having to take part in matches that “stunk to high heaven.”
The Undertaker’s place in wrestling folklore is secure for all time after building a career that stretched over thirty years in WWE. The Deadman was a star attraction with or without championship belts, and while he amassed a fine array of titles, he will be best remembered for his exploits at WrestleMania, where he built what is simply known as The Streak.

However, among the classics with Shawn Michaels, the brutal brawls with Mick Foley, and a cinematic swansong with AJ Styles, there were some less than stellar opponents for The Undertaker throughout his career.

King Kong Bundy and Giant Gonzalez might be oft-forgotten victims of The Streak, but it was another rivalry that Bruce Prichard felt compelled to apologise to the Deadman for on his Something To Wrestle podcast.

Prichard was discussing The Undertaker’s 2005 feud with Heidenreich. Heidenreich burst onto the scene in 2004, quickly becoming embroiled in a feud with the Phenom that culminated in a Casket Match at the 2005 Royal Rumble. While the two men met on pay-per-views, they shared the ring more often at live events in a series of matches that Prichard would sooner forget:

“I’m sorry man. I gotta take exception [to The Undertaker and Heidenreich house show matches being referred to as “really bad”]. That’s an example of being completely wrong. Those matches stunk to high heaven. They weren’t ‘really bad’, they were awful. They were worse than awful. They were — I mean if you saw that, it would take you weeks to get that stink out of your clothes.”

“I would publicly like to say to The Undertaker, I’m sorry.”

Heidenreich eventually became an unlikely tag team partner of Road Warrior Animal with the two men even capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship on one occasion. However, in January 2006 Heidenreich’s time in WWE came to an end, sadly now best remembered for an unfortunate backstage segment with Michael Cole.

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