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Goldberg Admits Match With The Undertaker Was “A Debacle”

There was no getting around that one for Goldberg. It just wasn't pretty.

Goldberg has reflected on his regrettable match vs. The Undertaker at the WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia two years ago, branding it a “debacle.”

The highly-anticipated fight turned out to be one of the worst in recent memory, with both legends looking way past it in a match that saw Goldberg get concussed twice.

Discussing the match on The Pat McAfee Show, the veteran star claimed he had forgotten his routine due to being out of action for some time.

“Taker, Yeah, 100%. Undertaker in Saud,” he admitted after being asked if he ever had a match in which he thought he wasn’t going to get through it. “I’d been out for a while and routine, everybody’s got a routine, and I kind of forgot my routine. So, on the way out, I headbutted the door. I don’t know where I am after that, I’ve got no idea what’s going on. I’m kind of getting to the ring and then we’ve got the spot where he moves and I hit the turnbuckle.”

The Second Concussion

Goldberg noted WWE had a different turnbuckle for the show, which didn’t help matters, so he ended up getting another concussion. He also recalled the referee asking him whether he was okay on several occasions.

“I try to take things as realistic as possible and I took it wrong. So, let’s just say I got another concussion right there and opened myself up pretty good,” he explained. “It’s the referee and the booker’s responsibility to call what’s going on in there. They’re on the mic and the headset and everything.

“By the time he’d walk away, I’d go, ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ It was a different answer every time and the fact is, I never should’ve done what I did, but I did, I tried to go through with it but unfortunately, it turned out to be a debacle. It’s a wonder that we both didn’t get smashed during that match. It was a very bad missed opportunity. Hey, at the end of the day, I was just trying to provide a better show for everybody else.”

The performer, who turned 55 this week, also confirmed there’s one more match left according to his deal with WWE.

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