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Mark Calaway Reveals He’s Retired The Undertaker Character

The Undertaker may have called it quits on in-ring action, but it seems from Mark Calaway's words that he's also done with appearances as well.

WWE legend Mark Calaway recently hinted that the iconic Undertaker character may be done for good, both inside and outside the ring.

He was a guest on The Norm and D Invasion to promote his appearance on Wednesdays WrestleMania On-Sale Ticket Party at AT&T Stadium which saw ‘The Deadman’ take park looking decidely less like ‘The Deadman’ and more the like the ‘American Bad Ass.’

For most of his run as The Undertaker, Mark Calaway remained firmly in character very rarely speaking as himself, but when addressing who his public persona was now in the interview, he revealed that he’s no longer The Phenom and is something more akin to his motorcycling character, which is more like who he is in real life.

“You know what I’m somewhere caught in the middle, and that would be the “American Bad Ass,” I think. There was that run in the early 2000s where I moved away from the traditional Undertaker and I turned into the biker gimmick, which is just another extension of my real personality. So yeah, I’m kinda caught there in the middle between all three of those, really.”

The Undertaker’s Legacy Will Live On In People’s Memories Says Mark Calaway

He added that it’s very rare that The Undertaker we all know and love would be seen as he’s essentially laid the character to rest. He concluded that the character would live on in people’s memories.

“You’re not going to see — unless it’s a very special kind of event — I’m going to kind of let that character rest and let the legacy of it just live in people’s memories. Mark Calaway will always be the Undertaker, it’s just now you’re going to get a little bit more insight on the Undertaker from Mark Calaway, if that makes sense.” (h/t WrestleZone)

It certainly sounds like the final gong may have sounded on one of WWE and the wrestling world’s greatest ever characters.

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