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Mike Tyson on WWE: When boxer sparked mass brawl by ‘pushing the sh**’ out of Steve Austin

Back in the day, wherever Mike Tyson went, controversy followed.

A lot of the headlines he made were often for his antics outside the ring as well, such was the heavyweight superstar’s love for the limelight.

Way back in January 1998 in the lead up-to Wrestlemania 14, Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin stepped foot in the same ring after promoter Vince McMahon invited the heavyweight boxing legend to WWE Raw.

The confrontation all started with Stone Cold saying: “I respect what you’ve done in the boxing world.”

“But when you step in this ring, you’re messing with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that’s something you don’t do.”

Of course, the wrestling icon finished off by showing Tyson two fingers, leading to “all hell breaking loose”, as the famous WWE commentator Jim Ross shouts as the scenes unfold in the ring.

In an interview published on Essentially Sports, Austin revealed: “I didn’t know what Mike was going to say. I kind of had the broad points about it.”

“He had to push the s*** out of me because if he just barely pushed me, he’d look like a punk.”

Tyson followed exactly what he was told to do, with the huge brawl having to be stopped by a number of referees and security guards.

The event happened around the period when “Iron” Mike had been given a £2.4million fine, having had his boxing license revoked for taking a bite of his opponent Evander Holyfield’s ear.

A bizarre moment that is a story familiar to all, whether they were old enough at the time or not.

Fortunately, legendary voice Jim Ross was on hand to call the chaotic moment and he did it perfectly.

Tyson was invited to Monday night RAW purely based on one reason, with WWE – then titled WWF – struggling to compete with rival promotion WCW.

WWE were given declining ratings, with a loss of advertisings looking like that would be it for what is now the world’s biggest Wrestling and Entertainment firm in the world, and it doesn’t look like declining anytime soon.


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