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Undertaker Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of WWE

The Undertaker was asked who his Mount Rushmore of WWE Superstars would be and he left himself out when naming his four top guys.

It’s always interesting when wrestlers who are on most fan’s Mount Rushmores in WWE offer up their own Mount Rushmore. Since they often aren’t on their own list, it becomes an intriguing exercise to see who they believe is better than they are/were in the business. The Undertaker took part in this exercise and picked four interesting but not terribly surprising names.

Appearing on Kevin Hart’s YouTube show, Cold as Balls, Hart told the Undertaker he had to be in the top five of wrestlers to ever go through the WWE. He appreciated the compliment and said it probably helped that he stayed there, non-stop for 30 years. When asked who would be on his list, Undertaker didn’t waste any time saying Andre the Giant, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Shawn Michaels.

Andre is an easy one because he was a giant influence on The Undertaker as he was making his way into the business. Austin and Rock were around and instrumental in the company’s success during The Attitude Era. They helped save WWE when WCW was making it really hard to stay afloat. Perhaps a touch surprising is Undertaker’s inclusion of Michaels. When you consider the relationship Undertaker used to have with The Heartbreak Kid, it goes to show how much people respect the work Michaels did while an active in-ring competitor. There were times that Taker and Michaels didn’t get along at all and this either shows their relationship has changed or he’s willing to put that aside and pick names he actually thinks deserve to be there.

Undertaker also talked about why he retired, admitting that he still wanted to wrestle in his mind and his heart, but his body simply couldn’t do what he wanted it to.

It’s A Great List

Frankly, The Undertaker’s list is probably similar to a lot of fans. If you had to ask who some of the most instrumental names were in WWE history, at least one or two of these names would be on everyone’s list. The only difference is that a lot of fans would probably swap one out to make room for The Deadman. He was one of WWE’s greatest icons.

New episodes of Cold As Balls air every Tuesday on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel.

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