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Floyd Mayweather defeat ‘nothing that Manny Pacquiao has to regret’ upon his retirement, says Roy Jones Jr

Chris Eubank Jr is live on Sky Sports on Saturday, promoted by BOXXER | His trainer Roy Jones Jr on Manny Pacquiao's retirement: "It was like one country against the world - that's what he represented."

Manny Pacquiao’s inability to fight Floyd Mayweather until years after their peak is “not his regret”, says fellow legend Roy Jones Jr.

Pacquiao has brought his iconic career to an end after announcing his retirement ahead of running for the presidency of the Philippines.

He is the only fighter ever to win world championships in eight divisions and amassed 62 wins in 72 fights – but he lost ‘the fight of the century’ to Floyd Mayweather when they finally collided in 2015 after years of negotiations.

“It’s not his regret,” Jones Jr told Sky Sports.

“Because he wasn’t the one who wasn’t trying to make it happen.

“He was trying to make it happen but couldn’t until Mayweather agreed to it.

“It’s nothing that he has to regret.”

Mayweather beat Pacquiao in the richest fight ever
Mayweather beat Pacquiao in the richest fight ever

Jones Jr, also one of boxing’s greatest ever fighters, paid tribute to Pacquiao: “He leaves an absolutely marvellous legacy in boxing.

“He had a whole country and a whole continent behind him.

“He brought a whole lot to the game, he entertained for a long time, it was a beautiful thing to see.

“It was like one country against the world – that’s what he represented.

“It was a beautiful career and I’m glad to have experienced it, glad to have known him. He’s an awesome person who had a brilliant career.

“He fought whoever came his way, whoever was close to his weight.

“He had a heck of a trilogy with a couple of guys. He had a heck of a fight with many Mexican guys. He had really good fights, and fought all the names that were available to him at the time.”

Jones Jr will be in Chris Eubank Jr’s corner for his comeback, live on Sky Sports, on Saturday against Anatoli Muratov.

“His father called me and asked if I would work with him,” Jones Jr said.

“I said okay. I was keen to see what he had, and what he really had.

“When I saw? I said: ‘He’s got something to work with but let me see how long he sticks’.

“He stayed six weeks. He went away for two days then was back for six more weeks. Went away two days, back for six more weeks.

Chris Eubank Jr, Roy Jones Jr
Image:Chris Eubank Jr and Roy Jones Jr

“I said: ‘This guy wants to learn, he is seriously into bettering himself’.

“I was thrilled, it was a delight for me to have someone who can actually do the things that I teach.

“He has the hand speed, athleticism and mental capacity to catch onto the things that I teach.

“Chris should be a lot more mature in the ring now.

“He won’t go out like a crazy man, jumping all over someone for no reason. He will take his time and set it up.

“He’s in very good shape, he’s had a very good camp, and Eubank Jr should show the world why he wants to be the No 1 pound-for-pound guy. Especially [the No 1 guy] at 160lbs.”

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