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Mike Tyson ‘Sh*ts’ on Hotboxin’ Guest in the Most Eloquent Way

Boxing icon Mike Tyson has given a tough time to several people, especially if they were in his bad books. Throughout his prime years in the ring, Tyson has lived up to his moniker of being ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’. Although several elites can challenge his in-ring resume, only a few can match his charisma and vicious jabs, which terrorized the entire heavyweight division for a brief period.

Although Tyson suffered some brutal losses by the end of his career, he never let go of his vicious personality. Aged 55, he is still looked upon as one of the most feared men in the combat world. But reality offers a contrasting scene, as Mike Tyson has become a friendlier personality these days.

That said, Mike Tyson offered a hilarious cheek to his HotBoxin’ guest and US comedian, Bill Burr, which the comedian described as an ‘eloquent s****’. Burr claimed he has possessed a similar fashion sense since he was in the fifth standard. Tyson praised it, but Burr made some great humor out of it.

“That’s beautiful and hopefully you saved a lot of money by doing this,” said Mike Tyson.

In response, Burr said, “That’s the most eloquent way anybodys ever sh** on me. You are saving a lot of money. Wait, what do you do with all the money you don’t spend on clothes Bill?”

Mike Tyson has had several such moments in his life and he never fails to mesmerize his guests. Bill Burr witnessed it and seemingly enjoyed every bit of the interaction. The unique combination of a boxer and a comedian sat well. But it wasn’t the first instance in Tyson’s life.

Mike Tyson has channelized his inner comedian several times

Tyson is not just known for his boxing achievements. He is also a brilliant speaker and has produced several motivational quotes. His humor has sparked out in those activities. Meanwhile, Tyson has acted in several movies. His minor role in the comic flick ‘Hang Over’ grabbed global attention. In a scene, Tyson knocked out actor Ed Helms, which was a signature moment of the film.

While it was extremely entertaining, it was also comical to see Tyson sing and then land a blow on the US actor. All these factors reflect the other side of Tyson, which we can perceive as ‘funny’ rather than ‘vicious’.

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