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Jim Ross Agrees With The Undertaker’s Claims Of Today’s Wrestlers Being “Soft”

Jim Ross is siding with The Undertaker following comments on the toughness of actively performing wrestlers.

The Undertaker’s recent comments regarding the current wrestling atmosphere is garnering responses from all over, with Jim Ross now having weighed in.

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have refuted the claims and have both expressed disappointment. However, Goldberg has taken The Deadman’s side on this one. JR has also sided with Taker, pointing out that today’s wrestlers take a different path and don’t have to go through nights on which they make less than $50 for a fight.

“Because they’re trained differently,” he said on his Grilling JR podcast this week (via Wrestling Inc.). “They’re brought into the business differently, they’re not sitting in a car, they’re not making 25-40 bucks a night. It’s just a different ball game and Taker’s got a good point there.”

Ross made sure to note that this wasn’t a criticism, stating that, while there have been many changes, they aren’t necessarily negative.

He also pointed out that the pandemic has actually been good for certain wrestling careers as it has taken away the stress of constantly traveling.

“The COVID era of pro wrestling in a way has been a career extender for a lot of talents,” he added. “They’re not on the road as much, they’re not traveling as much, they’ve got time to heel and focus on one major project. We always wanted the business to be better.

“You’re right about the business being better, could you imagine how much better it is right now than it was just a few years ago? Some of these things we were talking about [back in the day] weren’t as negative. Does that mean they shouldn’t have been changed? No, it just means it was more accepted in that era than some things are today.”

We Haven’t Heard The Last Of This

Undertaker’s comment will continue to divide persons involved in the industry, as well as fans. Current wrestlers can’t be blamed for taking umbrage to being referred to as “soft” and the retorts are expected.

On the other end of the spectrum, you will find a lot of older folks who are in total agreement with the former superstar’s opinion on the matter, including Goldberg and JR.

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