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Undertaker Clarifies What He Meant When He Called WWE Product “Soft”

Undertaker took some time to clear the air about comments he made months ago, insinuating that the WWE product was "soft".

“It was just a different time,’ said the Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker, who took some time on this week to clarify comments he made months ago but have stuck with the WWE roster and the fans.

When Calaway called the WWE product “soft”, there more than a few people who took the comments as a slight on the current roster. Many responded as though they’d been slapped in the face, with others taking a more political approach and simply suggesting The Undertaker has earned the right to speak his mind and have whatever opinion he likes.

The only trouble is, The Undertaker didn’t mean the comments in the way most took them.

When he sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated he tried to clarify what he meant when he used the term “soft”. “I wasn’t bashing our talent,” Taker said. “Our talent is extraordinary. What they’re physically able to do, I couldn’t imagine doing that back in the day.”

He went to suggest that he wasn’t trying to hint that this current crop of WWE Superstars is not as tough as the Superstars of his era. Instead, he was trying to note that it was simply a different time and what these stars have today would have been such a luxury back then.

“We didn’t even have trainers on the road. If you had torn gear, you either wore it torn or you tried to fix it yourself,” he explained. He added, “I’m so proud to be part of the evolution of our business. The industry has come so far. It’s a sign of the success and how far we’ve come.”

Despite how hard times were in the old days, Undertaker noted, “I’ve always considered myself extremely blessed.” He added, “Wrestling fans are hugely loyal, and my fans have been with me during this whole journey. That’s so special to me.” Noting they deserve a ton of credit for his success, he appreciates that they would stay loyal and spend their hard-earned money to watch him.

Not Soft Talent Or In-Ring Performances

There you have it. Based on these comments, he wasn’t trying to say the talent isn’t as good or that they can’t go like the talent of old. He’s simply saying that the environment in which each era of WWE Superstar worked in is so different, it’s would be nice to have all the amenities talent have today.

Just imagine if there was a WWE Peformance Center back when the legends of this business were coming up and turning into huge stars… how many true icons might there have been?

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