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The Undertaker: WWE Raw star on ‘very cool’ backstage conversations with wrestling legend

WWE Raw star Apollo Crews has opened up about the “very cool” conversations he’s had with The Undertaker backstage at shows.

The Undertaker may be one of wrestling’s biggest ever stars, but by all accounts he’s a pretty down-to-earth and approachable guy.

That has been confirmed by former NXT star Apollo Crews, who spoke to Vincente Beltran about his relationship with the former WWE Champion.

Crews said that while he’s never had a “deep” conversation with ‘The Deadman’, the pair are “cool” with each other and have interacted backstage at shows:

He’s done so much for wrestling, you know? He’s generational. Like, my dad watched him, I watched him as a kid. My dad is still watching, I’m still watching, so I think it’s such a cool thing. I have yeah, I’ve spoken to him. Not too deep, personally but I have spoken to him before and he’s very cool. Very awesome human being, you know what I mean? But I still look at him and I still see the man I saw as a little kid. You know it’s just, how can you not?

Apollo spoke about Undertaker’s legendary WWE run, saying people can only dream of having the type of career that the 56-year-old has had:

He did kind switch of switch over to the ‘American Badass’ for a while, you know, and then comes back to the ‘Deadman’. But at the end of the day, it’s, he stood that test of time. It’s crazy to believe that career that he’s had. One can only dream to have a career like that, you know what I mean?

Crews also spoke about one instance of The Undertaker working a show at Madison Square Garden, explaining that he was taken aback by how special his entrance was:

I’ll tell you what. We were in MSG and he had a match that night in MSG. I can’t remember, it might’ve been with AJ or a six-man or something. Either way, he was getting ready to do his entrance and he had everybody just captivated, you know what I mean? Once that gong hit, I was just standing there watching. Just the kid inside, it didn’t change any type of way that I felt. That to me is so impressive. You know, I don’t think if anything could ever happen like that again for anybody. But man, I mean his resume speaks for itself.

Crews hasn’t wrestled for WWE since the January 17 episode of Monday Night Raw, with his last win coming the week prior on the January 10 show.

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