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Every Stable & Tag Team That The Undertaker Has Been Part Of, Ranked Worst To Best

The Undertaker's Hall of Fame career has been shared with a few select stables and tag teams.

The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, who is usually someone who competes on their lonesome. However, there have been several occasions where The Undertaker has competed in a tag team, and he’s even led a faction.

The Undertaker is finally going to be enshrined into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2022. The Undertaker is going to be the headline act, and he is rightfully earning his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. The Undertaker’s longevity and loyalty to WWE are unmatched. His 30-year career with WWE came to an end at Survivor Series 2020.

The Undertaker has generally featured in the main event scene, and he has remained relevant for reinventing himself. While a chunk of The Undertaker’s success has come as a singles competitor, he has dipped into the tag team division. The Undertaker is a seven-time Tag Team Champion which shows his versatility as an individual and as a tag team competitor. Moreover, as a leader of a faction, The Undertaker’s experience aided some wrestlers in becoming better, and they went on to clinch a World Championship before their careers came to an end.

The Skyscrapers

Before The Undertaker joined WWE in late 1990, he had a run in WCW as “Mean” Mark Callous. Callous formed a partnership with Dan Spivey, and they were called The Skyscrapers. Teddy Long was no longer a referee, and he was the manager of the duo.

Callous replaced Sid Vicious who was recuperating from several injuries. Nevertheless, Callous and Spivey’s partnership was short-lived as Spivey departed WCW. Callous’ tag team partner became the Masked Skyscraper. The Masked Skyscraper is a tag team specialist as he was a member of The Beverly Brothers in WWE. Callous’ time as a Skyscraper is forgotten and the rest is history when he left for WWE and was repackaged as The Undertaker.

6. Tag Team With The Rock

Two of the all-time greats in The Undertaker and The Rock formed a surprising alliance in December 2000. They failed to unseat Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. However, The Undertaker and The Rock challenged Edge and Christian for the WWE Tag Team Championship. They successfully dethroned Edge and Christian for the titles on the December 18, 2000, edition of Raw.

While it was great to see The Undertaker and The Rock teaming up, they didn’t have chemistry together. As expected, they dropped the WWE Tag Team Championship back to Edge and Christian on the following episode of SmackDown. The Undertaker and The Rock were always better off as rivals instead of being tag team partners.

5. The Unholy Alliance

After the Corporate Ministry disbanded, The Undertaker took Big Show under his wing. Show was still relatively green, but working alongside The Undertaker enhanced Show’s confidence. The Unholy Alliance clashed with X-Pac and Kane over the WWE Tag Team Championship.

They defeated the pair for the titles at SummerSlam 1999. Moreover, they became two-time WWE Tag Team Champions as they traded the gold with the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short as The Undertaker sustained an injury that ruled him out of action until May 2000.

4. Tag Team With Steve Austin

In the summer of 1998, The Undertaker and Steve Austin clashed over the WWE Championship. However, before they could focus on their collision course at SummerSlam, they challenged Mankind and Kane for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Fully Loaded: In Your House. The Undertaker and Austin got the job done with Austin as a double champion.

The Undertaker departed Fully Loaded with both tag team titles. Moreover, The Undertaker handed Austin his tag team title. The Texans had superb chemistry together and their matches were entertaining to watch as partners and as rivals.

3. The Corporate Ministry

The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness faction and The Corporation fused on the pilot episode of SmackDown in April 1999. The Corporate Ministry was born and The Undertaker was one of the leaders alongside Shane McMahon. There’s no doubt that the Corporate Ministry had some success, but The Undertaker took a backseat with Shane and Vince unveiled as the Higher Power leading the group.

The Undertaker managed to capture his third WWE Championship at Over The Edge in the main event at Steve Austin’s expense. That’s one of the highlights of The Undertaker’s time in the Corporate Ministry. Nevertheless, Fully Loaded was the end of the Corporate Ministry with Austin beating The Undertaker at the End of an Era First Blood match.

2. The Ministry Of Darkness

At Judgment Day: In Your House, The Undertaker reunited with Paul Bearer. The Undertaker turned heel for the first time in six years, and he formed The Ministry of Darkness. It was something new for fans to see The Undertaker leading a stable as he was on his lonesome for the first eight years in his WWE career.

The Undertaker’s faction was filled with talented wrestlers. The likes of The Acolytes and the popular Brood joined the Ministry. Viscera and Mideon were also the other two participants in the group. The Deadman wanted control over WWE, and they naturally feuded with The Corporation. The Corporation was heels also, but the Ministry lasted a few months with the faction merging with the Corporation in the spring of 1999.

1. The Brothers Of Destruction

The Undertaker and Kane have been on-and-off rivals but when they are teaming up together, they are one of the most dominant tag teams in WWE history. The Brothers of Destruction had tons of success, and they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, and the WCW Tag Team Championship once.

Fans enjoy watching The Brothers of Destruction working as a cohesive unit because of their demeanor. The Undertaker and Kane had singles success, and they would occasionally team up in the Ruthless Aggression and PG Era. Nevertheless, The Brothers of Destruction reunited for one-off occasions, and they still captivated audiences with their appearances.

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