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TikTok powerlifter goes viral after being approached by Anthony Joshua in gym

The gym is a great place for meeting likeminded individuals who will hype you up.

For fitness influencers like Chiz Egbuziem, it’s likely this is a regular occurrence when it comes to carrying out and filming their impressive routines.

But while it may be the norm to receive compliments from fellow gym-goers, it’s unlikely anyone ever expected to be backed by former world boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

This is in fact what happened to Chiz — a Loughborough University student and powerlifter who was recording herself working out at the gym.

The 22-year-old influencer regularly posts updates from her weight sessions, but this one completely wowed her followers.

In a clip Chiz uploaded to her TikTok account ‘liftinwitchiz’, she is getting ready to start her benchpress routine at the Loughborough University Powerbase gym, when Joshua appears and walks right past her.

The two-time world heavyweight champion approached Chiz’s bench and grinned.

“Get them weights in, girl,” Joshua said before walking past the camera.

Chiz appeared clearly starstruck by the encounter and could only giggle as Joshua strolled by.

The video, which she captioned “I crumbled girls, I crumbled”, has pulled in more than 200,000 likes and two million views since Friday.

Among the thousands of comments lie many TikTok users empathising with Chiz’s flustered response.

“Omg I would’ve passed out,” a fellow fitness influencer wrote.

“I’m impressed you lived to tell the tale,” another user replied.

Chiz documents her weightlifting journey across her social media channels and has competed in the likes of the British Powerlifting Championships.

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