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From Boxing to Esports: Manny Pacquiao Ventures Into Wild Rift

Team Pacquiao GG to reveal their Wild Rift lineup on Feb 24.

Team Pacquiao GG has announced that it will soon be entering the competitive League of Legends: Wild Rift scene soon. The organization has begun looking to acquire one of the teams that qualified for the upcoming WCS 2022 – Philippines.

It is rumored that Team Pacquiao GG will acquire either AXS or LF Adoption, and an official announcement will be made tomorrow (February 24).

Team Pacquiao GG, a gaming brand founded by boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, aims to provide a platform for streamers and content creators in the Philippines to grow as professionals, each with their own set of skills.

On February 16, Team Pacquiao published a teaser on social media that they would be competing in Wild Rift tournaments soon.

The Filipino gaming community had since speculated that it would either be AXS or Looking For Adoption. Both teams will be competing in the upcoming Wild Rift Championship Southeast Asia 2022.

Recently, Looking For Adoption was acquired by an as yet unnamed organization, but it is possible that Team Pacquiao GG has “adopted” the team.

This will be Team Pacquiao GG first foray into the Wild Rift competitive scene. Regardless which team it chooses to acquire, it is safe to assume that the organization will settle for nothing less than winning major championships – including WCS 2022.

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