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Pacquiao: Gov’t should control oil prices

Amid a new round of oil price hikes, presidential candidate Sen. Manny Pacquiao wants the government to have a say on increases in the prices of petroleum products and basic commodities, as these affect mostly the poor.

The boxer-turned-politician said he would support a special session for the Senate to pass its own version of a bill suspending excise tax hikes as oil prices continue to rise.

In an interview with reporters in Pateros on Tuesday, Pacquiao said he wanted the government to have a “voice” on the issue of prices of fuel and other goods, which were determined by supply and demand.

“We will try our best to lower the prices of gasoline and other petroleum products. It is important that when it comes to prices of gasoline, the government should have a say about it,” he said.

“Our government must have a say, not just the private companies who decide on increasing prices. The government must have a say on each aspect, especially regarding prices of oil and goods, basic commodities,” he added.

Pacquiao made the remarks after meeting with fire victims, aid beneficiaries, tricycle drivers and other residents of Pateros, where he held a dialogue and motorcade on Tuesday.

The day before, Pacquiao said he would support moves to hold a special session of the Senate to approve its version of a measure suspending excise tax increases on fuel products.

The House of Representatives has already passed its own measure suspending excise tax hikes on fuel products.

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