The Undertaker

There is only one answer as to who should join The Undertaker in the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame Class

The 2022 WWE Hall of Fame class is set to be headlined by The Undertaker. For 30 years, The Deadman has dominated the landscape and has been revered as the bar when it comes to proving one’s self.

Over the last two decades, there hasn’t been another superstar in the business who holds the same respect as The Phenom does. As a result, there isn’t another superstar in the industry who deserves to be inducted alongside him.

It’s common in WWE for the Hall of Fame to be headlined each year by one superstar. After that, the promotion tries to hit some diverse categories, including women, managers, tag teams, and celebrities.

While this formula has helped draw in fans from different corners in the past, there will not be a need for that to happen this year. Taker is the wrestling business; it’s almost as simple as that.

If you watch any WWE documentary and get to the part where they ask who has inspired them the most, or what one of their most memorable moments was, or who gave them the best advice, more often than not, The Undertaker’s name is mentioned.

Every WWE Superstar has a story to share about The Undertaker, so why not let them?

The Hall of Fame 2022 ceremony should be reserved for various superstars telling stories about The Undertaker. Line them up and send them out one by one, giving them each five to seven minutes to share their best Taker story.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Kane, Edge, Batista, JBL, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, you know they all have a story worth telling. Heck, Vince McMahon himself should even get some TV time because he likely has many stories about Taker that have never been told before.

Legends like The Deadman only come along once in a lifetime. The names that would even make sense to induct him (Paul Bearer and Kane) are already in the Hall of Fame.

The Undertaker is one of the few names in wrestling history that can attract fans of any age. As a result, there is no need for anything extra this year.

Inside and outside the ring, Taker was in a class of his own. After being inducted into the Hall of Fame in a few weeks, WWE needs to make sure that he remains in a class of his own.

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