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Mike Tyson on YouTubers in boxing: They’re a big shot in the arm for the sport

Supported the emergence of internet stars

Mike Tyson insists that the growing trend of YouTubers entering the world of boxing is good for boxing.

The likes of Logan and Jake Paul have caused some controversy due to their emergence on the scene, but the legendary boxer isn’t against the idea.

“I think they’re a big shot in the arm for boxing,” Tyson told Shannon Sharpe on his podcast.

“These guys [other boxers] are very emotional, they want to fight them so bad, they forget that he [Logan Paul] is a trained fighter.

“He’s going to make them believe that they can really beat this guy because he’s white with blonde hair and blue eyes. ‘I’m going to kill him.’ And then they go in the ring and something different happens.”

Tyson believes YouTubers are gaining ground because professional boxers aren’t willing to fight enough.

“That’s really bad for boxing, because boxing is entertainment and the name of the game,” he said.

“You want the fans to say ‘when am I going to see that guy fight again?’ Until you have it like that, you’re not going to make the big purse dates.

“That’s why YouTubers are taking over, because they’re exciting.

“They can’t fight, but they’re more exciting than the fighters. The fighters are not fighting competitive fighters, they’re fighting guys that they’re walking over.”

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