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Mike Tyson advises Deontay Wilder to fight Anthony Joshua rather than retire, and explains how he would have tried to beat Tyson Fury in his prime

Mike Tyson has declared that he wants Deontay Wilder to keep fighting and face Anthony Joshua, rather than retire from boxing.

The pair have been linked together for a potential heavyweight super fight since AJ joined Wilder as a world champion in 2016.

Negotiations to try and make the bout a reality failed on several occasions between 2017 and 2019, with Wilder since losing to Fury and AJ now being dethroned by Usyk.

Regardless of their defeats, most fans would still welcome a match-up between the pair, including former undisputed king Tyson.

“I think Deontay Wilder should fight some other guys,” Tyson told Club Shay Shay, amid talk his fellow American could now retire.

“He’ll do good, I just don’t want him to get discouraged.

“He should be very happy and be ready to fight somebody else right away.”

Regarding AJ as a potential opponent for Wilder, Tyson said: “I would love to see that fight, yes.

“They’re gonna be winging. There ain’t gonna be much style, they’re gonna be winging.”

Wilder is not certain if he will fight on
Wilder is not certain if he will fight on
Joshua vs Wilder is still a super fight
Joshua vs Wilder is still a super fight

Tyson was then quizzed about what Wilder needed to do in order to have beaten Fury in their fights.

When asked how he’d take on Fury himself, Tyson said: “That would be tough, but there were guys that dropped him that were lighter than me.

“Who was the gentleman that dropped him? The former cruiserweight champ.

“He’s not a harder puncher than I am – I’m able to hurt the big guys.”

The fighter Tyson is referring to is Steve Cunningham, who floored Fury on his US debut in 2013.

Tyson and Fury are friends
Tyson and Fury are friends

On how he’d attempt to negotiate Fury’s reach, Tyson said: “I’ll try my best and do whatever ever I know how to do.”

Regarding how he’d advise Wilder to fight Fury, Iron Mike added: “Go in with your jab. He has to go all out for 12 rounds with him.

“He can’t give him no room to punch, he has to go all out for 12 rounds.

“He can’t give him no time by moving around, can’t allow him to think.

“He allows Tyson Fury to think a lot, he gives him a lot of time.”

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