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Mike Tyson Speaks on Muhammad Ali’s ‘Ego’ and What Made Him Great

Muhammad Ali was predominantly the first prime star in the sport of boxing. With all that he brought to the table, it seems Ali was destined to be great. Moreover, with his immaculate prowess, the legend brought in a revolution in the sport, inspiring countless fighters like Mike Tyson to take up the ring space.

Tyson was a true disciple of ‘The Greatest’ and from time to time, he’s proved his love for his idol.

Recently, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ was in interaction with Shannon Sharpe. Here, he gave a candid notion as to what made Ali great.

He said, “The desire to win, an ego. Well, he believed that he was the greatest fighter that God ever created and he loved himself more than anybody ever loved themselves in their life.”

In the above interview, Mike Tyson also stayed confident in terming Ali as the most technical heavyweight of all time. The world knows Tyson’s love for Ali. That said, Tyson became a flamboyant star after taking notes of Ali’s boxing run and prowess.

In fact, Tyson turned out to be an even bigger star because the sport was peaking up in the 1990s and televisions were slowly reaching every household.

‘Iron’ Mike maximized on his learnings from ‘The Greatest’, brought in his own aggressive approach to the sport, and became one all-time great.

Mike Tyson avenged Muhammad Ali’s loss in 1988
Mike Tyson was lined up to face Larry Holmes, who defeated Muhammad Ali once. Stakes were high in this fight and Ali was present on the ringside as well. The fight began and ‘Iron’ Mike went after Holmes from the first bell itself.

Tyson was a man on a mission, accordingly, he only vowed to knock Holmes out.

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It was in round 4 when the hard hitter caught Holmes with his best shot. Tyson had a fire in his eyes, and he truly wanted to avenge his idol’s loss.

Therefore, there was no stopping for ‘Iron’ Mike in that fight and he paid tribute to ‘The Greatest’ in his eccentric way.

What is your favorite memory of Tyson and Ali’s vast careers?

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