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‘Best boxing match’, says Harsh Goenka about this Muhammad Ali match. Wait till you see his opponent

The video posted by Harsh Goenka involving Muhammad Ali may leave you both amazed and amused.

A wholesome post shared by Harsh Goenka involving legendary boxer Muhammad Ali has left people both amazed and amused. In the tweet, the industrialist shared a video of an old ‘boxing match.’ He also shared that this is the ‘best boxing match’ he has ever seen. There is a chance that you will think the same when you see the opponent with whom Muhammad Ali played the match.

“The best boxing match I have witnessed,” Goenka wrote while re-sharing the video which was posted by journalist Raza Ahmad Rumi. He also added the hashtag #MuhammadAli to conclude his post. The video he shared shows Muhammad Ali standing in the ring opposite to a kid. The clip ends with the legendary boxer pretending to get knocked out by the little one.

Take a look at the sweet video that may warm your heart:

The video, since being posted a day ago, has gathered nearly seven lakh views. Alongside, it has also accumulated more than 2,200 likes. The post has also prompted people to share various comments.

“Brilliant,” wrote a Twitter user. “Great. How motivating,” posted another. “Totally agree. Hats off to the great Ali. thinking aloud, what an impact it would have created on the child’s psyche, he defeated the GOAT at such an age, moral, confidence boost (like a rocket steering through atmospheric layers). He must have had a blissful, fulfilling life,” wondered a third. “I remember I took to boxing at the age of nine just because of this legend, Mr Ali,” shared a fourth.

What are your thoughts on the video shared by Harsh Goenka that shows a sweet interaction between a kid and Muhammad Ali?

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