Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson: Jake Paul is an underrated fighter

The YouTuber turned boxer has won all of his professional bouts so far but is yet to take on an actual boxer – something that Tyson would like to see.

The former heavyweight world champion said: “I think he should too [fight a boxer], but these guys are very emotional and they want him to fight him so bad they forget that he’s a trained fighter.

“He’s going to make them believe that they can really beat this guy because he’s white with blonde hair and blue eyes, and then they go in the ring and something different happens.”

Tyson believes that Paul has been a force for good for boxing as he has been able to attract a wider variety of followers to the sport.

Iron Mike said: “We started a genre and now we’ve got guys like Paul doing this stuff. I think Paul is a big shot in the arm for boxing.

“No boxer has ever brought that many people to the network like Paul did and I think he’s good for boxing, he brings money to boxing.”

Paul has won five boxing clashes during his career and is hoping to fight five more times before he walks away from the sport.

He said: “The sky is the limit for me right now and if I want to accomplish something it’s all about me being able to do that and me making the commitment and putting in the work required to do that.

“But I think right now, going to 10-0, being undefeated, fighting some big names, making history and maybe taking a world championship belt from somebody just to say I did it, and retiring at 10-0.”

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