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The Undertaker Gets a Special Tribute from Former Rival CM Punk at AEW Revolution 2022

CM Punk warmed MJF that at AEW Revolution, Friedman will see what actually Punk is capable of. The former WWE Champion did the same tonight, as he made the fans and MJF realize why he is considered as one of the best wrestlers between the ropes.

‘The Best in the World’ faced the ‘Salt of the Earth’ in a dog collar match at AEW Revolution PPV. After months of animosity, Punk finally laid waste on MJF in a bloody match at the Revolution PPV. However, there was one spot in the match where the former WWE superstar gave a tribute to his once fierce rival, The Undertaker.

During the match, both MJF and Punk were fighting with everything they had. Interestingly, tonight Punk came out with his ROH theme song and ring gear.

There was a spot where both superstars were standing on the apron. Eventually, Punk countered MJF’s offense in a brutal unprotected ‘tombstone piledriver’ on the apron.

As soon as Punk hit this move, the fans in the Addition Finance Arena, Orlando, Florida, lost their minds and the chants got louder every second. Overall, this was a hard-hitting match, and the highlight was Punk’s relentless shots on MJF‘s face like he did back in Ring of Honor.

CM Punk defeated MJF with Wardlow in the mix

Earlier tonight, Wardlow defied all the odds and won the ‘Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match’. However, Wardlow walked down during the final moments of Punk vs MJF later in the night.

During the match, MJF called out Wardlow. However, Wardlow ‘forgot’ where he had kept the ring. In the meantime, Punk hit MJF with a GTS which made him fall on top of the thumbtacks.

Eventually, after a while, Wardlow conveniently took the ring out and left it for CM Punk. This meant that he was done with MJF and he didn’t care about whatever happened to him.


Seeing this move from Wardlow, Punk couldn’t help but smile, knowing that MJF will be alone in AEW. However, when the ‘Best in the World‘ approached MJF, he spit on Punk’s face. Eventually, Punk hit MJF in the face with the ring for the three count.

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