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10 WWE Legends (& Their Picks For The Best Wrestler Ever)

The debate over who is the greatest wrestler of all time is one that will never end. Here's what WWE's legends have to say about it.

The debate over who is the greatest wrestler of all time is one that will never end. Every fan has their own opinion about who deserves that accolade, based on their personal tastes, and the era they grew up in. This is exactly the same situation with the wrestlers themselves.

Those who have laced up a pair of boots obviously bring a different level of knowledge and experience to this situation though. They understand the psychology behind the situation. However, even the greatest wrestlers, who fans consider to be legends have differing thoughts on who the best of all time is. Let’s hear what the legends themselves have to say.

10 Kurt Angle (Bret Hart)

Kurt Angle was a brilliant wrestler in his own right, and someone who had the ability to blend in comedy and great in-ring ability. However, for the Olympic Gold medalist, it is Bret Hart who is the greatest wrestler of all time, and he is a name that often comes into this conversation.

The Hitman was a technical master, and that is why Angle believes he is the number one option. Angle feels that the wrestling style of Bret was superior to anybody else, which is an incredible compliment from someone who is a legitimate amateur star.

The Undertaker (Shawn Michaels)

When it comes to this debate, a lot of fans fall into the Bret Hart category, and others believe that is Shawn Michaels. While Kurt Angle might be behind the Hitman, The Undertaker is firmly in the Shawn Michaels camp. Of course, he and HBK have shared a lot of moments together, which is likely where that respect comes from.

The Deadman is a fantastic talent, and he believes that Shawn is the greatest in-ring worker of all time. Of course, there can be no denying that Michaels is a fantastic wrestler, as he put together a lot of amazing matches, which Undertaker respects.

Hulk Hogan (Ric Flair)

Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest stars in the history of the wrestling business, being someone who drove the business to new heights. He was able to use his entertainment to bring new eyes into the product, but for him, it is Ric Flair that is the greatest of all time.

Of course, the Nature Boy enjoyed countless title victories throughout his career, which is a testament to his ability. Flair was always capable of piecing together excellent encounters, but he also injected real personality and charisma into everything he did, which helped separate him from the rest.

Steve Austin (Ric Flair)

Steve Austin is alongside Hulk Hogan as one of the most undeniable stars in professional wresting. He took the baton from The Hulkster and sent the business into a new stratosphere. However, he also believes that Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time.

The Nature Boy’s ability to capture the audience with his promos, but then back it up with everything he did inside the ring helped to make him stand out amongst the rest. His promos were truly epic, and the fact that Flair could always back it up in his matches helped too.

John Cena (Brock Lesnar)

John Cena is another legend of the WWE industry, and someone who carried the company on his back for the long time. His personal choice of who is the greatest of all time is someone very different from what most would say, as he chose Brock Lesnar.

Cena has worked with many great names, and that has included a lot of matches with The Beast. While he might not have been around as often as other wrestlers who people consider, Lesnar is a one of a kind athlete, and there’s no denying the special big fight feel he always brings.

Triple H (The Undertaker)

Triple H is a legend within his own right, and someone who has absolutely made an impact on the business. He is a well-respected name, and someone who has got a lot of experience and knowledge. That is why a lot of people will appreciate his opinion that The Undertaker is the greatest of all time.

For Triple H, the reason that he has decided for that is because he is such a big name around the world. The Undertaker is somebody that fans in every country are aware of, and that is something that Triple H thinks helps make him the best.

Ric Flair (Shawn Michaels)

Because Ric Flair is a name that many wrestling fans would call the greatest of all time, hearing his opinion on who is the best to ever lace up the boots is something a lot of people would appreciate. For him, it is Shawn Michaels that is the greatest to have ever laced up the boots.

Of course, Shawn was the man who ended up retiring Ric Flair in his final WWE match at WrestleMania XXIV. They worked brilliantly together, and The Nature Boy has always credited HBK for putting him over and carrying that match.

Kane (Ric Flair)

The Big Red Machine is one of the best big men of all time, being someone that has put together a lot of great matches and moments in wrestling. His character was a special one that will go down in history. But for him, it was Ric Flair who has gone down as the greatest wrestler of all time.

He is somebody that Kane has been able to work with in the past, which means his comments are able to come from legitimate experience at sharing time inside the ring with him.

Big Show (The Undertaker)

Big Show is one of the greatest big men of all time, with his size being a big reason why he stood out so much. He understands how larger wrestlers work, and the fact he believes The Undertaker is the best to have ever done it adds a lot of credit to things.

Big Show is well aware of how hard Undertaker had to work inside the ring, while he believes nobody has had the same impact at the Deadman. This was from both an in-ring and behind the scenes perspective, which is something that a lot of people often forget about.

Chris Jericho (Eddie Guerrero)

Eddie Guerrero was an amazing wrestler, being someone who would always bring together passion and energy inside the ring. He was capable of working unforgettable matches, but he’s not someone that often gets called the greatest of all time.

However, Chris Jericho, who was a close friend of Eddie’s has named him the best of all time. While he gave credit to other stars, he believes that Eddie ticks every box you could want from a wrestler, which is what makes him the greatest.

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