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Anthony Joshua’s trainer situation was a topic of discussion on The DAZN Boxing Show.

Fans may not know who Anthony Joshua will be fighting next, but the former world heavyweight champion has named a new trainer. 

Angel Fernandez is set to be the main in Joshua’s corner, which led to a debate between Chris Mannix and Sergio Mora on JABS as to whether he is the right man to train the London 2012 gold medalist. 

“He should be with a world-renowned trainer, it’s not going to be the guy that got him there from the Olympic gold medal to the heavyweight championship of the world in Robert McCracken,” Mora stated.

“He was visiting some of the best trainers in the world, what happened to Eddy Reynoso, what happened to Ronnie Shields, what happened to Robert Garcia, everyone else he was training with, Virgil Hunter, these are world renowned trainers that can bring something to the table.

“Experience at a championship level that’s all he needs, a strategy and experience.

“Instead, he’s going with a B-side with someone that has been with him in Angel Fernandez for the last three years, the last three camps.

“Okay, they have a little bit of chemistry, but this is going to be the biggest stage you could possibly have.”

Mannix, meanwhile, could see why Joshua has opted for Fernandez due to the chemistry the two already have from previous training camps.

“I can see why Joshua is doing this because in a way choosing Angel Fernandez is like splitting the baby, it’s putting a new man in charge of your career and training camp moving forward, but also someone that you’re familiar with,” Mannix said.

“As you pointed out, Fernandez has been part of Team AJ over the last three years.

“He was one of the trainers that was brought in after the 2019 loss to Andy Ruiz and he was one of the architects of the gameplan that helped beat Ruiz six months later.”

However, while this previous relationship may work in Joshua’s favour, there are some doubts as to whether the style Fernandez will try and implement will benefit the former unified heavyweight champion of the world.

“One thing that I know about studying Fernandez from studying him, his philosophies, some anyway, come from the Cuban experience.

“He’s worked with some Cuban trainers in the past, that’s not a style I think that’s going to work for Anthony Joshua.

“Cuban boxers and Cuban trainers are often trying to outbox opponents, when AJ goes into this next fight be it against Usyk or anybody else, he cannot try to outbox them.

“He has to use his full six-foot-six frame, his power, he has got to take the fight to his next opponent.”

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