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Throwback: Take A Look At The Time When Sylvester Stallone Was Surprised By Muhammad Ali At The Oscars

Take a look at Muhammad Ali's crazy surprise at the Oscars

Sylvester Stallone who is an amazing actor, with his sexy physique that cannot be compared to anyone was surprised by a former heavyweight champion, who is a legend in boxing, through which boxing got its moments, Muhammad Ali. The Legend surprised Sylvester at the Oscar of 1977, who was presenting the Best Supporting acting award.

He also stated that he is the real Apollo Creed and that Sylvester stole his script. He also said that he watched the movie and thinks that it was his real story. The mates had a little dance on the show and did a number on each other. They also ended up hugging each other with a smile on their face.
Late Muhammad Ali was a professional American boxer and was leading the boxing championship in the 20th century. He was also ranked the best heavyweight boxer of all time.

Sylvester Stallone who had a very important role in the movie “Rocky” got him very famous. In the movie, he portrayed the role of the boxer “Rocky Balboa” who goes and wins the titles defeating every opponent.

The movie is also watched by the famous boxer Muhammad.

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