The Undertaker

Luke Gallows Was Almost The Undertaker And Kane’s On-Screen Sibling

The Good Brother Of Destruction. I'll show myself out.

The next time you’re tempted to roll your eyes at an unbelievable wrestling gimmick or terrible angle, think of The Undertaker. For 30 years, one of the most popular people in the business was a man who WWE claimed to be undead. A man who has been killed and even buried alive returning from the grave on multiple occasions. Then they gave the man a brother who had unknowingly survived a house fire as a child who went on to become a Hall Of Famer in his own right.

The Third Brother Of Destruction

The introduction of Kane as The Undertaker’s brother was such a huge success that apparently, WWE tried to replicate it years later. During a recent edition of Talk’n Shop, Luke Gallows revealed that very early on in his career, WWE considered making him the third Brother Of Destruction.

“They told me in developmental. Think about that in your mind when you’re a 20-something-year-old kid,” Gallows said on the podcast, regaling the tale of learning he was about to become Kane and The Undertaker’s long-lost brother. Apparently, Gallows would have been introduced at WrestleMania 23, and despite being nervous, he thought he would be a millionaire within the year if all went to plan.

Imposter Kane

All did not go to plan, of course, as neither Gallows nor anyone else was ever added to Taker and Kane’s family tree. Gallows did mix it up with The Big Red Machine, though. His first of what would end up being a few shots at the big time was as Imposter Kane. The fake Kane angle was dropped pretty quickly thanks to a frizzy wig. Gallows warned people backstage that the hair would look stupid, but no one listened and when Vince McMahon saw it on TV, he blew a gasket and quickly killed the gimmick.

Gallows would return to WWE as Festus, and then later as one half of The Good Brothers after making a name for himself in New Japan. He and Karl Anderson are two of the many people WWE has released over the course of the past two years. The pair has found a new home at Impact Wrestling and launched a number of other wrestling ventures they were unable to embark on while under contract with WWE.

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