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The Undertaker Comments On Brock Lesnar’s New WWE Character

The Undertaker has shared his thoughts on the new babyface version of Brock Lesnar.

It’s been nearly seven months since Brock Lesnar made his thrilling return to WWE at the end of SummerSlam 2021.

Following a WWE hiatus that lasted just over 16 months, Lesnar returned to confront Universal Champion Roman Reigns — who had just defeated John Cena to retain his title. Lesnar received a babyface reaction when he returned, displaying a new look that featured a ponytail and a beard.

Lesnar has maintained his babyface persona ever since. He continues to garner popular crowd reactions, having displayed the ability to cut his own creative promos without the help of Paul Heyman. The latter has been working with Reigns ever since The Tribal Chief turned heel at the end of SummerSlam 2020.

Like Reigns’ character change, Lesnar’s new persona has been generally well-received by wrestling fans and pundits. You can add 2022 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, The Undertaker, to the list of those who approve of the new Lesnar.

During an interview that was posted on the WWE YouTube channel (h/t, The Undertaker shared his take on Lesnar’s babyface persona.

“From a personal aspect of happy Brock, it’s cool to see that he’s having fun,” The Undertaker said. “To get that much personality out of Brock, you can tell that he’s having fun with what he’s doing. But that ding-ding-ding, Brock is Brock and someone’s going to get suplexed. You can count on the sun rising and the sun setting, and you can count on Brock suplexing somebody, really rough.”

You can watch the full Undertaker interview below.

Lesnar has displayed several looks and outfits since his return last August. But the most significant change is by far his individual work on the microphone. He’s a lot more humorous and playful as opposed to the stern, serious and laser-focused “Beast Incarnate” character.

The 44-year-old superstar and current WWE Champion will face Reigns in a “Winner Takes All” unified title bout in the main event of WrestleMania Sunday. This will be the third WrestleMania main event match involving the two men, who also squared off at WrestleMania 31 and 34.

A Nice Change For Brock Lesnar

Many WWE fans grew tired of the “Beast Incarnate” wrestler constantly getting main event time and world championship runs. But the babyface Lesnar of Reigns is a nice change, and as noted above, it’s been well-received by the WWE Universe. If Lesnar didn’t reinvent himself last summer, this feud with Reigns would have been far less exciting. But running babyface Lesnar vs. heel Reigns was a smart idea that is working in multiple ways.

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